Rules of Engagement: Talking about Gamification and Storytelling

We will be talking about Gamification and Storytelling, would you join us?

We all want our product or software to be attractive to our users. But how do we create engagement? How do we keep our teams motivated?

Rules of Engagement is a Talk, delivered by Domingos Da Silva, which will clarify all doubts about software/product design, video games design and also decipher the excellent storytelling tool that supports the challenges of business and team reality.

The game is on: Do you want to know the tricks behind the industry that generates more than 108 billion dollars a year?

Prepare your ideas, on April 26 we will move to the next level!

Ø Videogame Design Basics – User Experience as a Design Method

Ø Software Design =/= Videogame Design

Ø Storytelling – Telling your Story, Making it Theirs

Ø Engagement VS Addiction

Ø The Next Levels: How to apply this rules, tools and strategies in our teams/business?


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Let’s go, and bring your imagination!