The Story Of Our Studio

Sunken Ship Studio was born at the end of 2014, when Domingos and Ricardo met for the first time. They had always wanted to reach their goals and, throught their friendship, they learnt how to help each other, in order to create the most amazing videogames, as they always dreamt of. During the years, they have been working hard to create the greatest environment to make these awesome videogames within this Studio. Now, they also enjoy the helpful hand of André, a great new addition to the team that is aiding them with incredible ideas.

Sunken Ship Studio is not only a studio made to create videogames, but a way of life to provide the world with awesome experiences, mined from original and innovative minds.

The obvious objective of video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences.

Shigeru Miyamoto

Who Are We?

Domingos Da Silva

Game Designer

Sometimes feeling like Batman, Domingos is a Computer Engineer by day and a Game Designer by night. Videogames have been his passion since he was a kid.

Passionate about technology, design, entrepreneurship and, above all, human-machine interaction. His ultimate goal is to put Portugal on the map of the videogame industry.

Ricardo Coelho

Concept Artist and Illustrator

Illustrator and Concept Artist with 7 years of experience in Graphic and User Interface Design, loves to tell stories and daydream through drawings and paintings since he was a kid.

Games have always been a passion and something that can bring the best of visual storytelling and experience, so for him to draw something is to tell a story and every pixel exists for a reason.

André Ferreira


Infra Automation Engineer @ Blip/BetfairPaddyPower, avid gamer, traveler and eater. Videogames sparked his interest since he was a kid and he wanted to be a game dev ever since. Now, the time as come for him to follow his dreams and play with computer graphics, AI and Automate all the things!!

Anything else?

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