We will be talking about Gamification and Storytelling, would you join us?

We all want our product or software to be attractive to our users. But how do we create engagement? How do we keep our teams motivated?

Rules of Engagement is a Talk, delivered by Domingos Da Silva, which will clarify all doubts about software/product design, video games design and also decipher the excellent storytelling tool that supports the challenges of business and team reality.

The game is on: Do you want to know the tricks behind the industry that generates more than 108 billion dollars a year?

Prepare your ideas, on April 26 we will move to the next level!

Ø Videogame Design Basics – User Experience as a Design Method

Ø Software Design =/= Videogame Design

Ø Storytelling – Telling your Story, Making it Theirs

Ø Engagement VS Addiction

Ø The Next Levels: How to apply this rules, tools and strategies in our teams/business?


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Let’s go, and bring your imagination!


We will be talking about two of our favorite topics, UX Design and Videogames thanks to the invitation from the awesome people at PortoUX and Blip!


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Let’s exchange perspectives over design together, are you in?

Come and join us!


Captain’s log, end of 2017

It’s been a long time with a lot of difficult decisions, but all things considered we are starting from scratch and developing a new generation of game that is more with the times. Better Animations, Better Mechanics, Better Physics and 100% focus on what’s more important, gameplay.

Can’t way to show you guys the new and improved AURORA. But you can take a hint from our running Frost, everyone is giving their best!


Captain’s log, beginning of 2016.


We got interviewed by GamerPress, a Portuguese Gaming Magazine!
You can read all about it here:

We also want to thank the amazing guys at GamerPress for their time and interest! You guys rock!


Captain’s log. Beginning of 2016.

The First Portuguese Edition of the PlayStation Awards has revealed it’s winners, we are very proud to have our game being recognized for Best Artwork. Thanks PlayStation Iberia!


We also want to congratulate all other Finalists and Winners, here is the full list:

  • Press Award – Strikers Edge
  • Best Kids Game – Road Sheep
  • Best Artwork– Aurora
  • Best use of PlayStation® Platform – Higher Plains
  • Most Innovative Game – Lots of Gut
  • Best Game of 2015 – Strikers Edge

This just makes us more excited to get AURORA into the hands of the gaming community, let’s go!



Captain’s Log, 2015.

Sunken Ship is participating on the first ever PlayStation Awards in Portugal!


Let’s see how this rolls (fingers crossed), but there is no doubt that we are very excited and grateful that this type of iniciatives are coming to Portugal!